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The Big Dumb Gunner Show, Dec 12, 2012

By GUNNER e 11 aFounder - Posted Dec 11, 12
Alright fellow Spartans, this is your show. Let's hear what you'd like Gunner to cover on his next show. I hope you enjoy. (Modern Warfare is like video game crack...)

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darksaber519 Commissionerman it has been awhile since i have been here so is anyone still here?
Rainb0w D3m0n Cartographer  Still just me and you i think buddy. i check maybe once a month.
darksaber519 Commissioner  well it is good to see someone is still on here
Ryyaaaannwell, it was nice getting to know everyone. ive been here over a year and i didnt really see this coming.
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Rainb0w D3m0n Cartographer  =(
darksaber519 Commissioner  man things just keep getting more depressing don't they :(
darksaber519 Commissionerso is anyone still here because coming to this site seems pointless because it is pretty much dead now
darksaber519 Commissioner  well that is depressing do you know what happened to all of the others
Rainb0w D3m0n Cartographer  I still talk to alot of people but nobody plays halo anymore..
darksaber519 Commissioner  well hopefully when the other halo comes out that will change
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